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This is the best of two pies combined into one delicious creation! The bottom layer is a luscious, custardy pumpkin pie and the top layer is a crunchy maple pecan […]

Cinnamon rolls turned into pie? Need we say more? Alright, we will. It’s a pie you can eat for breakfast. Isn’t that the best kind of pie? Ingredients: For the […]

Green Bean Casserole Pizza is a great way to turn a great side dish into a memorable entrée. It has all the inherent flavors of a Thanksgiving favorite presented in […]

Gently coax the household awake with the aroma of fresh waffles. Stack them high, fill each square with our Earth Balance® Organic Whipped Buttery Spread, soak in maple syrup…you get […]

Our toffee bars are rich, buttery tasting, vegan and easy to make. They make great gifts and are the perfect ending to any meal when paired with coffee or hot […]

Thanksgiving is almost here! Just in time for the holiday, comes this plant-based version of a holiday staple. This easy to make, low-calorie, low-fat alternative will save you some stress […]