California: Vote Yes on Prop 37

With the coming November elections not too far off, we’d like to bring your attention to a very important ballot measure that will be facing California voters. Proposition 37 requires clear labels letting consumers know if foods are genetically modified. We already have food labels showing nutrition, allergy information and other facts consumers want to know. This measure simply adds information telling us if food is produced using genetic engineering, which is when food is modified in a laboratory by adding DNA from other plants, animals, bacteria or viruses.

We encourage all California voters, regardless of party affiliations to vote YES in Prop 37 and support the California Right to Know Ballot Initiative to Label Genetically Engineered Foods.

All Earth Balance® products are non-GMO and most are verified by the Non-GMO Project. Earth Balance® are constantly working toward getting as many products verified as possible and you can rest assured that no GMOs will ever find their way into an Earth Balance® package.

Where can I learn more about Prop 37, the California Right to Know 2012 ballot initiative to label genetically engineered foods?

Visit for information about Prop 37, the ballot initiative to label genetically engineered foods sold in grocery stores in the state of California. Also, see national news coverage about the voter measure at Get involved and help spread the message to Vote Yes on 37 via social networking, educating customers and other ways your organization can help extend our reach.

GMOs: What’s the world know that we don’t?
In this David vs. Goliath debate, the biotech opposition will be spending millions to oppose this voter initiative and suppress the labeling of GMO foods in the United States, something that is required in nearly 50 other countries including Australia, Brazil, China, Japan and the entire EU. They know how important this vote in California will be, and we hope you do, too.

California GMO labeling: No costs, no lawsuits.
Passage of Prop 37 will cost nothing for the consumer, retailer and manufacturer who is certified organic, non-GMO, has non-GMO affidavits, or is using non-risk ingredients. Those who use GMOs and call their products natural will not be able to do so anymore. Regarding the fear of lawsuits, please note: the California Right to Know ballot initiative was designed carefully to be completely unlike Prop 65, in that there can be no frivolous lawsuits associated with this labeling law. It will not cost farmers more or subject them to any legal implications either.

Consumers overwhelmingly want GMO labeling.
Polls show nearly unanimous support across the political spectrum for labeling of genetically engineered foods. Nine out of ten voters in the U.S. and in California back labeling, according to recent polls.

GMO Health and Environmental Safety in Question
Although the purpose of Prop. 37 is to give citizens the right to know if their food has been genetically engineered, the safety and efficacy of GMOs is also a consideration. There have been no long-term human health studies ever conducted on GMO foods, and in fact, a growing body of peer-reviewed research points to significant and alarming health and environmental risks associated with genetically engineered food and agriculture. Learn more.

For more information on GMO’s and Prop 37, visit:

Do you feel it’s important to know if there are GMO’s in the foods you are eating? Share your thoughts with us in the comments for a chance to win today’s Everyday Giveaway for FREE Earth Balance® coupons!

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