Member of the Month for January!

We like to thank our readers for being a part of the Made Just Right™ community and we really appreciate those who take the time to share their thoughts and ideas with us. Each month we pick one new member to be our ‘Member of the Month’ and to receive a year’s supply of free Earth Balance®. We choose our monthly winner based on their participation on the site such as commenting and sending in recipes. Anyone is eligible to win and it’s free to join, so get involved and spread the word!

The lucky winner from the month of January is Kristen Davenport… congratulations Kristen, and thanks for being a part of our community!

Here’s what Kristen told us about herself:
“I have been baking since I was tall enough to see over the kitchen counter. Food has always been a passion of mine- it’s a creative outlet for me. The connection between what’s on our plate, our health, and the world around us is undeniable; As a result, I went vegetarian in 2004, and then vegan in 2008. Veganism is my form of personal activism.

I am a graduate of ACC Culinary, where I studied Baking & Pastry Arts. I have over five years of professional food service experience in which I have worked towards promoting and advancing vegan cuisine. I was recently featured in the Austin Chronicle for my baking efforts, and won 1st Place in the Vegan Tasting Category in the Austin Cake Show 2011.

One of my favorite things to do in the kitchen is to re-create my favorite southern comfort dishes with plant-based ingredients. Originally from Louisiana, I was raised in Houston, and have lived in Austin for 4 years with my rescued kitty, Milo. Outside of the kitchen, I am one of the organizers for Texas VegFest, which is an annual event held in Austin that promotes and celebrates plant-based diets and cruelty-free lifestyles for a healthier, more sustainable future.

I am currently making plans to open my own vegan baking business in the spring of 2012. Wish me luck!”

Good luck indeed, Kristen… we’re all very eager to come visit your bakery! Check back later today for Kristen’s yummy recipe for Ginger Peach Pie! For more of all things Kirsten, including her amazing baking creations, visit her adorable blog at:

We’d love to hear from the rest of you out there about why you like to visit Tell us what you enjoy most about visiting this website and we’ll pick one of you to win today’s Everyday Giveaway for free Earth Balance®!

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