Mixed Herb Pesto & Brown Rice Pasta

Today is World Pasta Day! Since it also happens to be Gluten Free Thursday here on Made Just Right™, what better time to showcase a GF pasta recipe? Sarah Carletti shares this recipe for Mixed Herb Pesto & Brown Rice Pasta, adapted from the Recipes for Repair Cookbook by Laura & Gail Piazza. She assures us it’s much better than that stuff in a jar!

The cookbook was created for people suffering from Lyme disease, with a focus on eliminating certain food sensitivities, to lessen the body’s inflammatory response. While not all the recipes in the book are vegetarian, this vegan & gluten-free option is delicious and healthy in its own right, packed with immunity supporting powerhouses such as fresh parsley and garlic.

Enjoy this even more paired with oven toasted crusty bread slathered with Earth Balance® Roasted Garlic & Herb Culinary Spread.


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